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Family Playgroup

Meet other mums and children in your area in our purpose built room with ample Toys and Art and Craft supplies

 We have a beautiful secure playground with lots to explore.

Friday 9.00am-11.15pm

$25 per term

Insurance required - $35/pa to Playgroup WA.



Swan Valley Pre Kindy

Help your child prepare to start school in 2019 with our fun, educational program!

Your child will learn valuable skills for Kindy through play. We assist with Fine motor, Gross motor, Social, Language, Cognitive and Early Literacy Skills.

Pre Kindy Information
and Forms
 2019 Enrolment Forms

Swan Valley Community Centre Creche is run by a qualified caregiver. Enjoy your class knowing your child is having fun whilst you are! $5 weekly fee.


 A new music class in the Swan Valley for parents and caregivers. Teh programme provides a positive musical experience to develop skills which will enhance furture musical skills. 

Thursday 9.30am -10.10am


10.30am - 11.10

$100 per term